Heartthrobs 1.0: A Night of Freestyle Nostalgia

Heartthrobs 1.0: A Night of Freestyle Nostalgia
  • PublishedNovember 4, 2023

On November 3, 2023, Aurora Illinois freestyle fans got a taste of the new and the old freestyle mix when the promotion “Ready To Live” presented “Heartthrobs 1.0 event” which took place at “The Piazza”. Located in the Southwest corner of the Fox Valley Mall, the 35,000 square-foot building featured state-of-the-art concert lighting and sound, as well as a multi-tiered facility that ensured that there was not a bad seat in the house!

The opening line-up, as well as the DJ for the night, was freestyle artist Julio Mena, who brought his unique voice and sound to the ears of old freestyle listeners. Mena’s performance for the night was a mixture of DJ’ing while singing LIVE on the mic, and his vocals left everyone in awe.

Next on the lineup was David Torres of Nice & Wild, a U.S. freestyle music group that rose to fame in 1986 after their release of “Diamond Girl”.

The crowd was warmed up to hear the icons of freestyle perform with Judy Torres up next. Torres scored club hits with songs such as “Please Stay Tonight,” “Come into My Arms,” “Love Story,” “I Love You, Will You Love 

e Me,” and her first single “No Reason to Cry.” Her single-woman performance was much like her one-woman show off-Broadway: entertaining, captivating, and mesmerizing!


To follow Judy was none other than George Lamond. LaMond has released seven albums (five via Sony Music) between 1989 and 2014 and is best known for his 1989 #25 Billboard debut, “Bad of the Heart”, and his #1 salsa smash, “Que Te Vas”. He also had a 2008 Top 5 radio hit, “Don’t Stop Believin’”. You can still catch George singing the “Journey” song, “Don’t Stop Believing” in his recent performances.


And if that wasn‘t enough, to end the show with a banger was no other than Stevie B himself with the most anticipated song of the night “Spring Love” and “Party your body”. The packed crowd was grooving to the sounds and was singing every verse alongside each artist. Stevie B did not disappoint and left the crowd wanting more. It was an amazing night of freestyle performances that was sure to make its round again next year!

all photos by : Julio Mena .