Florida Freestyle Makes History in Brazil

Florida Freestyle Makes History in Brazil
  • PublishedNovember 16, 2023

Freestyle made history when the group “Freestyle”, from Miami Florida, traveled to Brazil for “O Baile dos Sonhos “The Dance of Dreams” music festival headlined by Florida’s own Stevie B in Volta Redonda – RJ Brazil. The event was created by the greatest Freestyle and Funk Melody artist in the world Stevie B, who invited the best artists in the segment to the great Dream Ball with all the Funk Melody Freestyle hits from the 80s/’90s, songs that were part of our lives in the clubs, dances and matinees of Brazil and the U.S.

From the 12 acts, South Florida is represented by artists like Stevie B, Trinere, Ray Guell, and Liniere, and duos such as The Voice in Fashion and Freestyle from Miami Florida! For some artists like “Freestyle,” it took over 30 years to make a LIVE appearance in Brazil. But it was apparent that the crowd never forgot them. This group co-wrote and recorded “Don’t Stop The Rock” and “It’s Automatic” for the Music Specialists label working alongside producer/engineer “Pretty” Tony Butler.

The concert was an electrifying affair, with a sold-out crowd of a few thousand fans packing the venue to its rafters. The atmosphere was electric, buzzing with anticipation for the headliner, Stevie B.

Stevie B did not disappoint, taking to the stage with a live band and a troupe of 10 dancers who put on an amazing performance. His infectious energy and undeniable charisma quickly captivated the audience, who sang along to every word of his hit songs.

Stevie B’s performance was a masterclass in showmanship, seamlessly blending his smooth vocals and dance moves to create an unforgettable spectacle. The crowd danced and sang along, their voices echoing through the venue as they celebrated the music of one of the most iconic artists of their generation.

Stevie B’s closing set was a fitting end to a night of unforgettable music. He left the stage to a standing ovation, the crowd cheering for more. As the lights came up, the audience reluctantly made their way out of the venue, still buzzing from the exhilarating performance they had just witnessed.

Stevie B’s bond with Brazil goes well beyond his marriage with Paula; though American, he speaks fluent Portuguese and has traveled back and forth from the US to Rio de Janeiro for over 20 years. This Music Tour is the standard in Freestyle Music events, with such a huge production and a star-studded cast, it will be interesting to see if the formula from Brazil can work in the United States. US promoters should take note.

The concert was not only a triumph for Stevie B, but also a testament to the power of music to bring people together. It was a night that everyone in attendance would remember for years to come.

The biggest venue here in the US is the Amelia Arena in Orlando Florida, which caters to 17,000 seats. Stevie B was the headliner for the Freestyle event “Freestyle Explosion Throwback Jam” which took place in 2023 at the arena. To say that Stevie B and Big Arena go together is a no-brainer. With a documented fan base that reaches over 2 million people, it’s no wonder why Stevie B is known as the King of Freestyle.

His weekly podcast “Freestylin with Stevie B” hosted by the legendary DJ Felix Sama, is confirmation that Stevie B stays connected and interacts with his fan base and keeps that relationship going. Keep an eye out for what’s to come in the United States when Stevie B plans for 2024. Follow him on all social media platforms. #steviebmusic