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Back to Emerald City

Back to Emerald City
  • PublishedMay 14, 2024

A Night of Freestyle Magic at Level 13

Embarking on the vibrant journey of “Back to Emerald City” on May 11th, 2024, was an electrifying experience, marking the convergence of Mother’s Day, The Key Entertainment’s anniversary, and Erica O’Brien’s birthday bash.

DJ Orlando took command of the decks thirty minutes before the event commenced, steering the crowd through a phenomenal Freestyle mix of modern hits, timeless classics, and Latin House beats.

Kicking off the artistic showcase were the Nas-T Boyz, igniting the stage with an explosive dance routine. Their exhibition began with excitement, especially with the ladies, they went crazy over the dynamic duo. They continued to impress with a mix of their signature blend of hits and contemporary flair. Which included “The Search,” the soulful “Intimate Strangers,” “What I’m Feeling,” and concluded with the enchanting “Melody” that left everyone ecstatic.

Following the exhilarating performance, the fans were treated to one of the evening’s surprises: a debut appearance by newcomer Nashali. She graced them with her new single, “Memories of Love,” featuring the Nas-T Boyz, delighting the crowd with her fresh sound and their collaborated infectious vitality.

Emery stepped onto the stage, exuding confidence as she greeted the spectators before delving into the beloved classic, “Tearshed.” This timeless track, recorded with MKG during her youth at just 15 years old, resonated deeply with fans, evident as they sang along word for word, creating a poignant and nostalgic moment.

DJ Lucho continued the sonic journey, seamlessly blending infectious beats and heartthrob sounds, reminiscent of legendary venues like Roseland and Emerald City.

During the intermission before the next act, a touching tribute unfolded honoring Joey Gardner, a trailblazer for TKA. In a heartfelt gesture, fanatics raised their cellphones, illuminating the venue with flickering lights, reminiscent of lighters, in his memory. As the touching lyrics of “Louder Than Love” filled the air, the atmosphere was imbued with warmth and sentimentality, honoring Joey’s legacy.

Aby, formerly of TKA, took center stage with grace, offering a few words before launching into his enchanting set. He kicked things off with “Come Get My Love,” followed by a mesmerizing freestyle rendition of When in Rome’s “The Promise.” Continuing to dazzle the crowd, he performed hits like “X-Ray Vision” and “It Won’t Be Long,” concluding with the timeless classic “One Way Love,” for which he provided the original lead vocals, leaving the audience in awe.

Before bidding farewell to those in attendance, Aby extended a warm invitation to his wife, Ayna, to join him, unveiling the second surprise of the evening. Together, they delivered a heartfelt duet titled “Try,” honoring a special request and offering a birthday dedication to Erica O’Brien of The Key Entertainment. The intimate performance was a touching moment that underscored the evening’s celebration of music and camaraderie.

As the evening neared its end, the bad boy Richie Rich, renowned for his electrifying mixing abilities, took command of the one’s and two’s. He infused the venue with an unstoppable elevation, prompting everyone to stomp and dance into the night. It was a vibrant conclusion, setting it up for the next high-octane performance.

Rockell took the floor with a unique energy, delivering a set packed with dance anthems such as “On the Radio,” “What You Did To Me,” and “Keep Me Hanging On.” She concluded with iconic Freestyle hits like “Can’t We Try” and “In A Dream,” leaving the audience electrified. To cap off her performance, a heartfelt acapella of “Happy Birthday” was sung, accompanied by a cake, in honor of the birthday girl, Erica O’Brien, adding an extra touch of warmth to the night’s celebration.

Closing the evening with unparalleled energy, was the Bronx native diva, Corina, who, accompanied by her two dancers, captivated the audience with slick dance routines while performing her hits such as “Out Of Control,” “Temptation,” and “Whispers,” alongside newer tracks like “Don’t Take Your Love Away” and “Take Me Away.” She also paid a special tribute to her heritage with a soulful rendition of “Yo Te Quiero Puerto Rico” acapella style, concluding the night with a heartfelt birthday celebration.

Special recognition goes to Larry Vee and Eddie Ed of FMR for their exceptional hosting, along with their generous giveaways, adding to the night’s magic. Ensuring that memories lingered long after the music faded.

written by: Erick Monasterio