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Cafe 27 Ranked #1 for Freestyle Friday Night

Cafe 27 Ranked #1 for Freestyle Friday Night
  • PublishedMay 31, 2024

Feel the Florida Freestyle Fridays: Dance the Night Away to Classic Beats

Florida’s music scene thrives on the vibrant energy of Freestyle Fridays. This sub-genre of dance music, born in the 80s, is making a comeback in local venues, offering nights of nostalgic fun and infectious grooves. Here’s a look at three hotspots where you can unleash your inner dancer:

freestyle friday cafe 27

1. Cafe 27 with DJ Felix Sama: Ranked the #1 spot for Freestyle Fridays in Florida, Cafe 27 boasts a unique experience. Hosted by Florida’s own DJ Felix Sama, a radio personality, remixer, and entrepreneur, these once-a-month events bring together hundreds of freestyle enthusiasts. The venue itself is an “Oasis on the Edge of Civilization,” a multiple of giant tiki huts with a captivating atmosphere. Expect top-notch freestyle music by DJ Felix Sama and DJ Miguelito, with surprise performances by icons of the genre and guest appearances by artists like Nas T Boyz , Facination and MIA. Cafe 27 also boasts a surrounding stage set on the edge of the Everglades, and live bands four days a week. With delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a free entry with free parking, Cafe 27 offers a complete night out. Cafe27 freestyle Fridays is endorsed by icons like the King Of Freestyle Stevie B, Brenda K Starr and more. Statistics prove to be the fastest growing Freestyle Friday event to take place in the entire State of Florida.

  1. Miami Springs 19th Hole with Carlos Sonic: If you’re in the mood for some freestyle music every week, don’t miss Carlos Sonic’s Freestyle Fridays at Miami Springs 19th Hole. This event offers a consistent option for those who love to dance. DJ Carlos Sonic, a veteran in the industry, keeps the freestyle vibes flowing while also throwing in some disco to cater to a broader, older audience. Similar to Cafe 27, entry and parking are free at the Miami Springs 19th Hole.

3. 94th Aero Squadron, in collaboration with DJ Quinn, hosts the highly anticipated “Club 1235 FlashBacks” events. Although not officially designated as “Freestyle Friday,” the evenings feature a thrilling mix of New Wave, Disco, Italo, and a hint of Freestyle music. This concept pays homage to a renowned club that was once situated on South Beach but has unfortunately ceased operations. The events aim to encapsulate the essence and vibrancy of that iconic venue, offering attendees an unforgettable music experience. Unlike Cafe 27, this event has been running for years and has proven its staying power at the venue.

The Freestyle Community Thrives: Whether you prefer a monthly extravaganza at Cafe 27 or 94th Aero Squadron or a weekly dose of freestyle at Miami Springs 19th Hole, Florida’s Freestyle Fridays cater to every preference. With free entry and parking at most venues, there’s no excuse to miss out on the fun. So grab your dancing shoes, head to one of these hotspots, and relive the magic of freestyle music! DJ Jorge Santana, a prominent figure in the genre, spins regularly, promoting the music genre without necessarily branding it as a dedicated Friday night event.